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Conveyor systems for the mining industry

Company Overview

Nifty Conveyor at the Warehouse

Outbye Services Pty Ltd, ABN 44 080 276 697, has been associated with the Australian Underground Coal Mining Industry since 1998 (formerly as Outbye Engineering Services Pty Ltd).

Outbye Services is supplier of hire Conveyor Equipment for the coal clearance in underground coal mining.

The range of equipment available for hire includes both fixed and transportable modules, including combined modules consisting of Jib, Drive Assembly and Loop Take Up (LTU).

The Drive Assemblies range in power from 75kW to 150kW Torque Arm Drives, both Non Flame Proof (IP56 Min) and Flame Proof (FLP) (on request), 1000V.

Belt Starters (AS4871) from 75kW to 400kW for both single and dual motors are available.

Outbye Services is also available to assists with the Scope, Layout & Onsite Project Management for Installation.

For enquiries, contact Outbye Services Pty Ltd, email, or call Mike Porter on (07) 49 555 888 for more information and details.